Barrasso: New Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges ‘Are a Disaster’


Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyo.) said that the new state health insurance exchanges brought into law by the Affordable Care Act are in disarray Wednesday evening on Fox Business:

GERRI WILLIS: Of course we have been talking about all week these new exchanges that are being set up. I understand the federal government is giving them a new name because Somehow they think the other one isn't as attractive, they are going to give it a more positive marketing name. Twenty-five states in that they are not playing. What does that tell you?

JOHN BARRASSO: Whatever the federal government and the president want to call them, any way you look at it, they are a disaster. Twenty-five states are saying no thank you. It is because the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the government, can't tell the states what it will cost them to set them up. Chris christie in New Jersey said no thank you. My home state senator in Wyoming has continued to ask for information and he gets form letters and really not the kind of information that any state would want.

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