Barrasso: A Fiscal Cliff Agreement Approved by the House Will Pass the Senate


Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyo.) in an appearance on FBN's ‘The Willis Report' Tuesday evening provided an update on the fiscal cliff negotiations. Barrasso noted Republicans' willingness to come to the table on new tax revenue, as well as his belief that a compromise that comes out of the House will pass the Senate:

TRACY BYRNES: Is part of the problem the process? You know, your fellow Republican Senator, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, saying it's absurd, at the end of the day it's the president, Boehner, and their respective staffs. Somehow or another, they make us a deal. Is that fair at the end of the day?

JOHN BARRASSO: Well, there's only one person in the United States that has the pen that can sign the law, and that's the president, and there is one person that can bring the bill to the House that has to pass that House of Representatives, and that's John Boehner, but, you know, Speaker Boehner has a lot of input from all the members of the House so from his party, the other party on the issue and he's getting plenty of input, but ultimately, something has to pass the House, signed by the president, and I think whatever that agreement is will pass the senate, Tracy.

Full interview:

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