Aunt Bea No Cherokee


Elizabeth Warren did not identify her "Aunt Bea" as a Native American when Warren informed the state of Oklahoma of Aunt Bea’s death. This, despite Warren’s claim that Aunt Bea was the relative who told Warren of her proud Native American heritage, based on Bea’s father’s "high cheekbones." The Weekly Standard reports on the  Legal Insurrection story:

So Aunt Bea was Indian, sharing the same ancestry as Warren, according to Warren, and that ancestry was such an important part of who Aunt Bea was that she told the story about the high cheekbones at least a thousand times.

Yet when Aunt Bea died, she was not identified as American Indian by the person who informed the State of Oklahoma about the death.  That "informant" was none other than Warren, and she identified Aunt Bea as "White," even though the Certificate of Death listed American Indian as the first of several alternatives. …

Yet in that same time frame Warren was identifying herself to Harvard as Native American for federal reporting purposes.