Arrested Dem Breaks TV, Gives Shirtless Interview



Las Vegas Democrat Assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested Saturday on charges of threatening fellow legislators.

Brooks gave an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, during which Brooks was "shirtless most of the time." (See a photo of the shirtless Brooks here.)

The embattled politician admitted to having a confrontation with another legislator in which a television was broken, but after showing the reporter the busted television set, Brooks maintained his innocence although saying there was "bad blood" between the two.

Brooks has accused one assemblywoman of taking drugs, calling for "help in obtaining hair and blood samples from her."

Friends and colleagues have called for Brooks to "get help," and his own wife has questioned his mental state telling police "her husband's mental health had been getting worse, and she was worried about him," according to the LVRJ.

Upon arrest, Brooks was found in possession of a gun, and one legislator told reporters that he believes Brooks has "another gun in the car and possibly drugs."

Brooks also claims to have been beaten by gangsters recently in North Las Vegas.