Antonio Villaraigosa Says People ‘Don’t Care’ About His Partying with Charlie Sheen

Factcheck: People DO care, poll of WFB staff suggests


Following questions about his recent night out with party animal Charlie Sheen, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa responded by saying that viewers were not interested.

"I've said all I'm going to say about that. The people watching your program don't care about me or Charlie Sheen," Villaraigosa said Wednesday.

However, a recent poll of Washington Free Beacon staff indicates that "the people" do, in fact, care about the mayor and Charlie Sheen.

Villaraigosa has come under scrutiny this week following reports that he and Sheen partied excessively in Mexico:

Charlie says… "We hung out for the better part of 2 hours, discussing his L.A. roots, his poignant bullet campaign as well as his 3 AM lawn-watering tactics."

Charlie continues, "He's a terrific guy, a great Mayor and he can drink with the best of 'em: Me.  Quite a memorable night indeed."

Charlie says, there were lots of women in the suite, including at least one porn star and several other hot women.

Sheen later withdrew his comments.

The mayor's factually challenged assessment follows a pattern of misjudging public sentiment, as was evident during last year's Democratic National Convention when he passed through an unpopular motion to reinsert God and Jerusalem into the Democratic Party platform.

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