Anti-Israel Democrat Trounced in State House Race

Evelyn Garcia


A South Florida Democrat who was forced to resign from the Democratic National Committee after engaging in an anti-Israel meltdown lost her bid to become a state representative, according to local reports.

Evelyn Garcia created a firestorm in the South Florida Democratic community after the news site BizPacReview published emails revealing that Garcia is not a fan of Israeli policies.

Garcia—who was locked in a bid to become a Florida State representative—had expressed "strong objection to continued US MILITARY support for the Israeli occupation" and pledged to to "boycott [and] divest" from the Jewish state.

The controversy forced Garcia to step down from her DNC and offer an apology—though she pledged to continue her run for the state house.

Garcia was trounced Monday by her opponent, Bobby Powell, according to the the Palm Beach Post:

Powell, the 30-year-old aide to State Rep. Mack Bernard, easily defeated opponents Evelyn Garcia, Nikasha Wells and Charles Bantel.

"I think it’s the message of the continuing work that we’ve done in the district and in the community," Powell said. "I didn’t start doing community service to run for office. I was doing it to make a difference and help people, and I think people saw that."