Angelo: Hagel’s Apology Was Weak


Gregory Angelo of the Log Cabin Republicans said that Chuck Hagel's apology for his anti-gay comments towards Ambassador James Hormel was weak Monday on MSNBC. Angelo also noted that Hagel's views on a variety of issues gives the Log Cabin Republicans cause for concern:

THOMAS ROBERTS: When we talk about the fact that he has apologized, though, why do you feel that that isn't genuine? When we have people that are in the GOP majority right now who would be more actively homophobic than Senator Chuck Hagel – wouldn't his admission of the fact that this is an insensitive comment mean to you you are gaining the GOP inclusion you tout, that that's your mission?

GREGORY ANGELO: We're looking at the timing of this apology as well. That's something that's very important. The fact is, you know, if he was truly genuinely sorry about this, he could have issued that apology — he could have called James Hormel directly instead of releasing this apology via media sources. Secondly, the fact that this apology came out just at the time his name was being floated as a potential nominee for Secretary of Defense is also something that gives us cause for concern. So is it good that he apologized? Hey, I mean, this is something that it's always good when people move forward on issues. But there's an entire portfolio of issues we're looking at. The entire totality of his record we're looking at. It gives us cause for concern. We do not think he should be the nominee for Secretary of Defense.

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