Al Jazeera Shows Hit Zero in Key Demo Last Week

Al Jazeera America / AP


Al Jazeera America‘s ratings sputtered so badly last week, some of its daytime programming hit zero in the 25-54 age demographic and its primetime shows fell into the single digits in that category, Mediaite reports:

The network’s worst performer in primetime last week was 10 p.m.’s Consider This, hosted byAntonio Mora. The current affairs talk show finished out the week with an average of 9k total viewers and only 3k in the demo. According to Nielsen ratings figures, on Thursday evening the show racked up a 0 in the demo score.

The network’s flagship program, 9 p.m.’s America Tonight never hit rock-bottom with the 0 demo rating, but things didn’t look so pretty regardless. The newsmagazine-style show pulled in an average of 18.6k total viewers, with 7.4k in the demo.

Other AJAM primetime shows like Ali Velshi‘s Real Money fared better for the week (30.6k total/14.8k demo), but on a few nights managed to dip into the single digits and, yes, zero demo ratings.

Available in just a little more than 40 million homes, the channel has struggled majorly since its August launch to gain any reliable audience. Its best showing of the opening week was just 54,000 viewers for Thursday night’s Real Money with Ali Velshi.

Al Jazeera America is the sister station of Al Jazeera, a Qatari government-funded network that has faced criticism for its sympathetic portrayal of the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups. Any hopes of it being viewed as a serious news outlet were quickly dashed when its first guest Aug. 20 was disgraced conspiracy theorist Stephen Walt.

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