Administration: Stimulus was Outsourced


The Obama administration has admitted that the president’s stimulus plan provided funds to foreign companies and workers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Companies in Mexico, Great Britain, and South Korea, among others, benefited from the stimulus, the paper reported, noting that: "The Obama campaign didn't dispute that some stimulus dollars went to buy foreign products."

The Journal additionally noted that in one instance:

A $151 million federal grant that went to help set up a lithium-ion battery plant for electric cars called LG Chem Michigan Inc. in Holland, Mich. The company is a subsidiary of LG Chem Ltd. of South Korea.

A local labor union said that workers saw Koreans taking part in the plant construction. They complained that local workers were being sidelined in favor of Korean nationals on a project underwritten by U.S. taxpayers. The RNC website says this was "work that Americans easily could have done."