Voters Say Obama Needs to Show Israel More Support


American voters believe President Barack Obama does not express enough support for Israel according to a poll conducted by the Hill:

According to the latest Hill Poll, just 13 percent of respondents say the president’s policy toward Israel is too supportive. A full 39 percent said Obama is not supportive enough, the highest percentage The Hill Poll has seen. […]

These findings underline the American public’s concern about Obama’s policy on the Jewish state at a time of heightened fears about Iran’s nuclear program. Israel has insisted that Iran must be stopped by any means necessary, including a military strike, from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The Obama administration has expressed its preference for a diplomatic solution,  a posture that pro-Israel critics say is insufficiently muscular.

The White House is attempting to change its anti-Israel image. Vice President Joe Biden is speaking to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) today and Obama will make his first visit to Israel this month.