Todd: Afghanistan Agreement ‘A Political Document’

'A commitment of a commitment'


The agreement between the United States and Afghanistan that President Obama signed Tuesday evening is a "political document," according to NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd.

In an appearance on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews, Todd discussed the bilateral agreement, which outlines a continuing economic—and to a lesser extent, military—relationship between the two countries through 2024, but is very light on specifics.

"This agreement is an agreement to negotiate an agreement about having a residual force and the size of it," Todd said. "This agreement today is a political document … It’s a commitment of a commitment."

National Journal’s Major Garrett concurred, noting that the agreement, which was formally approved by Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai during the president’s surprise visit to country on Tuesday, "does not set a troop level, and it does not set an expectation of Congressional funding."

President Obama attempted to reach such an agreement with the government of Iraq in 2011, but failed.