Times Slimes Breitbart

Refuses to defend statement that Breitbart was considered bad for public discourse


The New York Times will not comment on a controversial remark about the late Andrew Breitbart that was leveled by one of its media reporters in a widely-read article.

Reporter David Carr’s recent profile about "the life and death of Andrew Breitbart" included what many observers deemed a puzzling declaration: "For good or ill (and most would say ill), no one did it like Mr. Breitbart."

It remains unclear whether Carr’s observation was based on any interviews or reporting—and the Times has yet to comment on the controversy.

Several calls and e-mails to Carr were not returned and Times public editor Arthur Brisbane also did not respond to requests seeking comment.

Carr, who subsequently promoted several messages on Twitter that were critical of his reporting, later apologized for the line.

Carr, a longtime beat reporter, is perhaps best known for penning a tell-all book about his addiction to crack cocaine and firearms.


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Adam Kredo is senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon. Formerly an award-winning political reporter for the Washington Jewish Week, where he frequently broke national news, Kredo’s work has been featured in outlets such as the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and Politico, among others. He lives in Maryland with his comic books. His Twitter handle is @Kredo0. His email address is kredo@freebeacon.com.

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