Shadow War

Explosion in Hezbollah stronghold in Lebanon / AP


Hezbollah and Iran's Qods Force have implemented a large scale operation on Israel and other Western nations, according to a special report by Matthew Levitt.

Levitt, director of The Washington Institute's Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, released a report titled "Hezbollah and the Qods Force in Iran’s Shadow War With the West" and gave recent examples of escalating attempts on United States targets.

The report stated

The net effect of Iran’s shadow war against the West is that Hezbollah and the Qods Force have climbed back up the list of immediate threats facing the United States and its allies. In July 2012, NCTC director Matthew Olsen warned that while Iran and Hezbollah had not yet hit targets in the United States, U.S. officials worry that could soon change. "We’re seeing a general uptick in the level of activity around the world," he noted, adding that "both Hezbollah and the Qods Force have demonstrated an ability to operate essentially globally." In fact, the Hezbollah–Qods Force threat has sometimes eclipsed that of al-Qaeda. Olsen continued: "There are times when we are briefing the White House [on terror threats and] at the top of the list are Hezbollah or Iran."

The report also warned that "officials fear that both Hezbollah and the Qods force are likely to recover from their operational sloppiness" and begin to have successful attempts on U.S. targets.

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