S.C. AFL-CIO president bashes Nikki Haley pinata


South Carolina AFL-CIO president Donna DeWitt is seen bashing a piñata with the face of Gov. Nikki Haley on it, in a video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

DeWitt confirmed to National Review reporter Katrina Trinko that she is the woman in the video:

I just got off the phone with DeWitt, who confirmed she was the woman in the video. Did she have any regrets? "I don’t regret it," she says.

"As you can see, I’m not vicious, I’m not hateful," DeWitt adds. "I think if we’d had a donkey and played pin the tail on the donkey with her face on it, I guess, it’s a children’s game and I guess people would have gotten upset about that. There was certainly no viciousness. It was all in fun. Although she has bashed unions for quite some time."