Rush Limbaugh Discusses Gertz Story on Belarusian Malware Threat to Obamacare


Rush Limbaugh discussed Washington Free Beacon senior editor Bill Gertz's story on a possible Belarusian malware threat to Obamacare Wednesday afternoon.

Intelligence agencies alerted HHS last week to check for any malware connected to the former Soviet bloc nation after it was discovered Belarusian state controlled programmers wrote part of the Obamacare code.

So far the government denies any malware has been found, but did not dispute the report. Caitlin Hayden of National Security Council issued a statement reading "[…] HHS has found no indications that any software was developed in Belarus. However, as a matter of due diligence, they will continue to review the supply chain. Supply chain risk is real and it is one of our top concerns in the area of cyber security."