Rubio: White House Running 365-Day-a-Year Campaign


Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) assailed the Obama White House Wednesday for creating a culture of scandal, calling the administration a 365-day-a-year political campaign:

RUBIO: This is unacceptable behavior. But this is what you get when an administration is all about politics. This administration is a 365-day-a-year, year-round political campaign. Every issue is a political campaign, leading up to the election and even now, every issue is a wedge. Few times in the history of of this country has anyone used this office to drive more wedges among the American people than this president and this administration. And so yes, this is the culture that has been created. They're bad and we're good. Our enemies are bad people. The people who disagree with us on policy are bad people. You don't support us on guns, you don't care about children and families. You don't support some measure against religious liberty, you're waging a war on women. On issue after issue, a deliberate attempt to divide the American people against each other for the purposes of winning an election. That is the culture that's been created, and that culture leads to this kind of behavior.

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