Rogers: Cultural Failure or Gross Negligence at State Dept. Led to Benghazi Attacks


Rep. Mike Rogers (R., Mich.) said either a culture of failure or gross negligence at the State Department led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi Wednesday evening on CNN. While three State Department employees have resigned over the recently released review of the attacks, Rogers said he believes the lack of overall accountability at the State Department will allow the same bureaucratic culture that led to the attacks to persist:

MIKE ROGERS: This was either a culture of failure here or it was worse than that, you had people who were grossly negligent in the performance of their duties that led to the deaths of four americans. My argument is, if you don't change that and change that soon, we are going to have more problems. And I'll give you a great example. In the report, one of the recommendations is, if you don't have specific threat information, you should consider the totality of the threat information. That is about as basic as you get. That happens every day, all across the world, from the Secret Service taking the president to a site in the United States, it should happen at a diplomatic security site in the embassy. […]  If they had to make that recommendation in this report, think about how bad it must have been. All this information, people making affirmative decisions, not to beef up the security, not to take into consideration all of the threat information, including the items they listed in the unclassified report, that were serious enough to ramp up the security. That's really concerning.

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