Ohio Dem Party’s Undocumented Fundraiser


A formal investigation could be launched into payments made by Ohio’s Franklin County Democratic Party to a fundraiser whose work, apparently on behalf of the party, was never documented, the Columbus Dispatch reports:

Multiple sources told The Dispatch yesterday that Husted’s office could soon launch a formal investigation into the $20,500 that Barnhart received from the Franklin County Democrats since March 2011 for work she said she did in 2007 and 2009. In an interview, the Republican Husted would say only that he’s " gathering information" and that any "further action is under review."

But a source close to Husted said "the fact no one’s been able to account" for the $63,000 Barnhart says she’s owed "certainly raises red flags." On Saturday, The Dispatch reported that the three former Democratic officials who Barnhart said could verify that she was owed the money — William Anthony Jr., Michael C. Mentel and Zach Manifold — instead said they couldn’t corroborate her story.

Also, Franklin County Board of Elections chairman Douglas J. Preisse, a Republican, said yesterday he plans to ask for additional inspection of the payments to Barnhart. A "confusing" letter filed by the Democratic Party’s attorney, Don McTigue, has created more questions than answers, Preisse said.


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