Obama’s Ambassador-Bundlers Not Giving in 2012


Obama campaign bundlers from 2008 who received political appointments abroad in return for their dedication to the election effort say that they are not planning to return home and raise money on behalf of the president’s reelection effort, the Huffington Post reports:

There is no sign that the ambassadors are eager to come home and bundle again. Indeed, a Huffington Post sampling on background via email revealed that none were planning to return to bundle campaign contributions for the president's reelection.

The Huffington Post compared the State Department diplomatic list with information on 2008 contributions and found 28 individuals of ambassadorial rank who had raised a total of more than $14 million for the president. One of them, Kentucky entrepreneur Matthew Barzun, quit his ambassadorial post in Sweden several months ago and is now the Obama reelection’s finance director in Chicago. But, based on an informal survey, his colleagues across the globe have no interest in doing the same thing.