Obama to Cut Funding for Afghanistan

'Pending disaster' of sequestration threatens troops


President Barack Obama plans to slash spending in Afghanistan as part of the defense sequestration’s $500 billion cuts, a move that could endanger troops, according to congressional Republicans. The Hill reports:

"I am disappointed the president has made this choice, since there is no clear mandate for it in the law," House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) said in a statement.

"Of course now, more than ever it is the troops on the front lines in Afghanistan who will bear the brunt of sequestration," McKeon said. "If our forces on the front line are truly going to have to do with less body armor, fewer medevacs, and less ammunition he owes it to them to offer a credible way out of the pending disaster."

Republicans have tried to head off the automatic cuts by proposing alternate cuts, but Obama and Senate Democrats are using the defense cuts to leverage tax increases from the GOP.