Graham: ‘No Way’ Napolitano Could Have Known Boston Attacks Were Not Part of Broader Plot


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) compared Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's quick supposition that the Boston bombings were not part of a broader plot to Susan Rice's erroneous claim that the Benghazi terrorist attack was prompted by an anti-Islam YouTube video, Wednesday on "Hannity."

Three more people were arrested Wednesday for harboring or aiding the Tsarnaev brothers after the attack, and Graham said it was clear the bombers didn't learn how to make equipment on their own.

"When Napolitano says there is no connection here to a broader plot, there's no way she could have known that that soon," Graham said. "The more you know about these two guys, they certainly didn't learn all this in the bottom of their basement. This administration doesn't want it to admit … that radical Islam is on the rise. We need to up our game."

After the FBI released photos of men suspected to have information about the Benghazi attack, Graham segued by saying Napolitano's claim "sounds like Susan Rice all over again." Responding to reports that potential witnesses were threatened by administration officials, Graham stated survivors should be allowed to testify free of worry they would lose their jobs.

"Did you see the three guys that the FBI released photos of in Benghazi eight months later?" he asked. "Do they look like protesters to you? What's going on here? Benghazi is eight months old, nobody's been arrested, and the survivors have never been allowed to be talked to by the Congress. This administration is investigating itself, and I'm challenging this administration, allow the survivors to come forward without the fear of being fired."

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