National Journal Writer: We Were ‘Lied To’ On Benghazi and IRS Scandals

'We're being misled every day'


RON FOURNIER: Yeah and it goes beyond even the story. One common thing with Benghazi and the IRS scandal, we're being misled every day. We were lied to on Benghazi on the talking points behind Benghazi for months, lied to by the IRS for months and now they're sending a clear message to our sources, don't embarrass the administration or we're coming after you. So it gives us all a pause. And I’m starting to wonder if maybe it's about time for the president to think, do I need a clean house here? Do I need to bring in some people who know how to manage a crisis? Who have maybe at least read masters of disaster, the book, who as you know ran the Clinton scandals. They learned a long time ago that the first thing you do in a crisis is gather all the facts, especially the ones that are negative and embarrassing to you. And the second thing is release them right away, especially the ones that are negative to you. You don't dribble things out, don't mislead, don't distort, and then when it finally gets out, you don't whine about republicans, your critics when you're the reason that you're —

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Wasn't that unbelievable yesterday.

FOURNIER: It was stunning. It was stunning.

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