Murphy: GOP Has Made It Clear They Are ‘Gun Control Darwinists’

'I guess I appreciate the honesty of the Republican caucus'


Sen. Chris Murphy (D., Ct.) characterized the GOP as "gun control Darwinists" based on the caucus' opposition to the Manchin/Toomey amendment Wednesday on MSNBC:

RACHEL MADDOW: Is there a way to take portions, even if you only talk about background checks, if we just narrow it down to that, is there a way to even more narrowly target that to try to do it a la carte instead of on the menu, is there a way to do it that way?

CHRIS MURPHY: This was a narrow compromise to begin with. I mean, you were exempting under this compromise any gun show that sold under 75 guns. What happened today it wasn't just the background checks bill that failed, the ban on gun trafficking, illegal gun trafficking, somebody walks into a store, buys a mess load of guns legally and goes out on the streets and sells them illegally, that failed by a filibuster vote today. So you know, listen, I guess I appreciate the honesty of the Republican caucus. They've just made it clear they are just kind of "gun control Darwinists" at this point. They just think we should give a bunch of guns to the good guys and the bad guys and let them shoot it out and hope the good guys win. That's their agenda and a lot of that was made plain today.

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