MSNBC hates Combat Journalism

Left's outrage at Fox and Friends Obama critique absent in February when MSNBC cut anti-Mitt ad


Liberal commentators reacted in disgust Wednesday at the revelation that Fox News had produced and broadcast a detailed video critique of President Obama’s controversial first term in office.

It appears, however, that Fox was simply following in the footsteps of the left-wing network MSNBC, which produced and aired its own video purporting to mock Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney back in February, and received no such criticism for doing so.

The video—titled "Mitt: Better Off Mute"—first aired on "The Chris Matthews Show" on NBC and was excitedly introduced by the host on "Hardball" days later. It uses footage borrowed and spliced from the Oscar-winning film The Artist, and argues that while Romney "looks like a president," he would be "better off in a silent film" because of the way he talks.

In other instances, MSNBC hosts have explicitly cited the Obama campaign as a source of information for their attacks on Romney.