MSNBC Expert: Ryan budget would kill imaginary woman


MSNBC politics expert and Democratic fundraiser Karen Finney does not think composite humanoids like Julia would fare well under the Republican budget plan.

"I tell you what, she’d be in the grave by her mid-30s, I can almost assure you," Finney said Friday on "Martin Bashir Live."

Bashir chuckled giddily.

UDPATE: Finney immediately sought to amend her remarks via Twitter, writing: "B4 right-wing cranks out of control – clarification – didn't mean to say in the grave, meant cuts in Romney/Ryan would have a serious impact."

Finney has a history of controversial rhetoric. On a number of occasions, she appeared to implicate Republican politicians and libertarian philanthropists in the tragic shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

In doing so, she warned that hostile rhetoric could have unfortunate, or even deadly consequences.

"[Republican politicians] reinforce and validate old stereotypes that associate the poor and welfare as criminal behavior with African-Americans and people of color, calling us lazy, undeserving recipients of public assistance. In the case of Trayvon, those festering stereotypes had lethal consequences," she said on MSNBC in March.