MoveOn’s Minimal Moola

BY: has resorted to desperate messages to donors as their cash supply dwindles, fundraising remains lackluster, and questionable expenditures dot their balance sheets.

National Review reports:

According to documents filed with the FEC, Political Action raised $9.1 million in contributions from January 2011 to March 31, 2012. In that same period, the group spent $10.5 million, and it has $2.75 million left in cash on hand. With just under five months until Election Day, and additional fundraising efforts ongoing, those totals are certain to increase.

Still, it is a dramatic drop from last cycle and all the preceding cycles except one. By March 31 in the 2010 cycle, Political Action had raised $18.5 million; by that date in the 2008 cycle, $14 million; in the 2006 cycle, $11.8 million; and in the 2004 cycle, $2.79 million — but that was in the first 15 months of the PAC’s existence. spent $916.28 on February 17 for "media production" costs at a Men's Wearhouse, and has dropped thousands of dollars on failed surveys and ad campaigns. Some speculate that MoveOn's financial recklessness has turned off potential donors.

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