McChrystal: ‘Deficit of Trust’ Between Obama and Military


Retired General Stanley McChrystal said one of the problems that has plagued the mission in Afghanistan is the ‘deficit of trust' between the Obama Administration and the military Wednesday evening on CNN:

ANDERSON COOPER: In the book you write about the distrust about the military and the United States and the Obama White House and the distrust that occurred early on based on the politics of the operation. I'm not — I don't want to misquote you. You talked about um, where are my notes – the decision making process on Afghanistan – that is what the distrust was based on – the decision making process. Was that, you don't go into too much detail on what that actually means? What does that mean?

STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL: The term I used was "lack of trust" and "trust deficit." The reason I used that was I consider [a deficit of trust] different from mistrust. Whenever you have a new administration, it's a team that has to come together, it's got to build links among itself and it's got to build trust over time. It comes in and works with the Department of Defense and the military. It takes time to build a team, it takes time to build trust.

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