Matthews: Rumsfeld ‘Had The Look Of a Car Bomber’ In New Documentary

MSNBC host takes pathetic vitriol to new low


MSNBC host Chris Matthews took his pathetic vitriol to a new low Thursday, stating it appeared Donald Rumsfeld "had the look of a car bomber" in the new documentary on the former Secretary of Defense "The Known Unknown":

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I found this long documentary mystifying, yet it is the Donald Rumsfeld I have always known, that fey, sort of eccentric sort whimsical face on his, that I swear has the look of a car bomber because he has to smile about the most serious, horrible things […].


Matthews also used the "car bomber" epithet to attack Newt Gingrich in 2011, telling viewers Gingrich had a "Mephistophelean" grin and looks like "he loves torturing":