MacLean: Liberals Lack the Intellectual Framework to Understand the Refugee Rape Crisis


Washington Free Beacon Managing Editor Aaron MacLean said on Friday that liberals lack the intellectual framework to understand the current sexual assault crisis happening in Europe.

MacLean told Dierdre Bolton on Fox Business Network’s Risk and Reward that people like actor George Clooney and German leader Angela Merkel can’t comprehend why Germany is experiencing so many sexual assaults in the wake of an influx of refugees from a very different culture.

"I really don't think what the American people want here is a liberal movie star, George Clooney, lecturing them about loosening their border constraints right before he goes into a meeting with the Chancellor of Germany," MacLean said.

"People have legitimate concerns about the refugee influx from Syria. The list is long: the threat of terrorism, the proportion of economic migrants among refugees. People feel like they're losing control of their democracy. They don't have a say in policy anymore and you couldn't illustrate that sentiment any better than with a picture of Clooney and Merkel," MacLean said.

Bolton then talked to MacLean about how young women were being attacked, even raped, on the street. "I'm assuming Angela Merkel brought this up in that conversation," Bolton said.

"Well, I think a lot of progressives or a lot of liberals sort of lack the intellectual framework to understand how something like that kind of sexual violence is even possible," MacLean said, "Because I think deep down folks like Clooney and his wife and Merkel really believe that there is no difference in a person whether they come from a place like Syria or they come from a place like Germany. But the Middle East, places like Syria, the treatment of women is not at the standard."

MacLean continued, saying liberals "have no way of understanding this. And so, as a result, they don't recognize concerns that people have."

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