L.A. Gang Members Join Fighting in Syria

Middle East Media Research Institute


Gang members from Los Angeles have travelled to Syria to fight along pro-regime forces seeking to keep embattled President Bashar al-Assad in power, according to a Middle East media monitoring organization.

Two men who identify as L.A.-based gang members were recently filmed fighting against anti-Assad forces in Syria, according to video posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The two individuals can be seen holding firearms and telling the camera about their gang affiliations in America.

"We still right here, homie. It’s fucking morning," says one man who identifies himself as Wino.

"We got the enemigos right there, homie," says the second man, who calls himself Creeper. "Let me represent myself, homie. It’s Creeper from the g’d up 13 gang, homie. The Sun Valley gang, homie."

"Fucking Wino, from Westside Armenian Power gang, homie," the man says.

"In Middle East, homie, in Syria, still gangbanging, not giving a fuck, homie," Creeper tells the camera as he shows off his gang tattoos. "Still gangbanging this shit, homie."

"Let’s put this shit down to all these motherfuckers, homie," Creeper adds.

The two men then indiscriminately fire their automatic weapons at forces that are supposedly nearby.

"That’s right I’m gangbanging, homie," Creeper says after discharging his weapons several times.

The violence in Syria continues to rage as pro-Assad forces take on rebel fighters, many of them affiliated with the terror group al Qaeda.

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