Kate Upton Works Out With the Marines

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American modeling legend Kate Upton's fitness was put to the test by a group of Marines during a charity event in Detroit on Tuesday.

Upton completed five rounds of workouts that included sprints, burpees, traveling push-ups, and prisoner squats during the Workout with the Marines event, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Upton enjoyed every minute.

"I love doing things like this, because welcoming the military back home and showing them how much you appreciate them by welcoming them into the community is a great thing to do," Upton said. "We’re really excited that the Marines chose Detroit to come [to] this year."

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The event was hosted by Wins for Warriors Foundation, a charity founded by Upton's future husband Justin Verlander. It was preparation for a later event, the Patriot Ruck, that will take place in Detroit next month during Marine Week.

Upton says she has a "few more workouts to go" before she is ready for the ruck.

Upton maintains a strenuous and varied workout regiment throughout the year, as can be seen in the following images.

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She also regularly puts on charity events with Verlander, such as the annual puppy adoption event held each year during spring training.

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