Johnson on Clinton exchange: ‘It was a pretty simple question’

'I was surprised by Secretary Clinton's reaction to that'


Asked about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's angry answer to his questioning on Benghazi during her testimony Wednesday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R., Wis.) defended it on CNN as a "pretty simple" question and continued to wonder why the information was not ascertained earlier.

Continually asked Wednesday morning by Johnson about the talking points that initially blamed the assault on a protest, Clinton raised her voice and asked, "What difference at this point does it make?"

Johnson said it did make a difference on "OutFront."

"The American people also have the right to be told the truth," he said. "They should have an expectation that this administration, this president will be honest with them … I was surprised by Secretary Clinton's reaction to that because it was a pretty simple question. All I was wondering is why didn't you just call the evacuees and find out, was there a protest or wasn't there a protest? That information could be easily obtained within a day or two. We wouldn't have had to go through these weeks of misinformation."

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