Issa Offers Holder an Out


Rep. Darrell Issa has offered Attorney General Eric Holder an opportunity to avoid being held in contempt of Congress, according to a missive recently sent to Holder by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chair.

Issa has threatened to hold Holder in contempt for failing to release documents that explain how precisely the Justice Department was involved in the Fast and Furious scandal.

"If the Department of Justice submits a serious proposal for how it intends to alter its refusal to produce critical documents subpoenaed by the Committee, I am ready and willing to meet to discuss your proposal," Issa wrote in the letter.

"If the Department is prepared to engage in discussions based upon a stated willingness to drop its opposition to providing material from after February 4, 2011, that may reflect internal deliberations, I ask that you indicate such intention," the letter adds. "If the Department has another proposal for altering its objections to providing subpoenaed materials, I ask that you promptly submit that proposal for consideration as a basis for productive discussions."

Read the full missive here.