Iron Dome Intercepts Gaza Rocket

Israeli soldiers are seen near an Iron Dome battery near Jerusalem / AP


Israel’s Iron Dome intercepted a rocket sent from the Gaza Strip on Thursday night, Israel Hayom reports.

Since the start of Operation Brother's Keeper last week following the kidnapping of three Israeli teens in Gush Etzion by Hamas terrorists, three rockets fired from Gaza toward Ashkelon have been shot down by the Iron Dome.

As Operation Brother's Keeper has progressed in Judea and Samaria, the Israel Defense Forces has also been keeping its eye on other sectors, including Gaza and Israel's northern borders. The Israeli Air Force has responded forcefully to rocket fire from Gaza several times over the past week, including on Thursday night, when IAF aircraft targeted three concealed rocket launchers in northern Gaza, a terror activity center in central Gaza and a weapons storage site in southern Gaza.

Meanwhile, Palestinian media outlets reported that at least five Hamas operatives were killed in an explosion on Thursday in a tunnel east of Gaza City.