Inhofe: Biofuels for Military Are Waste of Tax Dollars

Administration moves green agenda into defense budget while cutting brigade combat teams, F-22s


Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.) appeared on Fox Business Wednesday evening to address the Obama Administration's policy on military biofuel purchases. In his critique of the Administration, Inhofe cited some of the exorbitant sums that the military has paid for alternative fuels in the past:

JAMES INHOFE: In '09 (Obama) had the Navy pay $424-a-gallon for 20,000 gallons. That is fuel on the market you could buy for $3-a-gallon. $424-a-gallon. In order to really understand you have to keep in mind, this president has had a war on our defense systems. He disarmed America. He has done away with our brigade combat teams, our ships, our F-22s, C-17s, Future Combat Systems. He uses the excuse – "no, I have not reduced the budget for the defense." But what he has done, Melissa is move his green agenda into the (defense budget), so we're paying for all this.