Herridge: State Dept Withholding Benghazi Media Strategy Email


National Security correspondent Catherine Herridge reported on the planned activities of the new Benghazi Select Committee Tuesday on Fox News.

Herridge said the committee will interview all relevant witnesses including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, something the State Department's Accountability Review Board (ARB) failed to do.

Additionally, Herridge said new information is surfacing about a 7 page email chain circulated at the highest levels of the Obama administration in the aftermath of a September 27, 2012 Fox News report indicating the intelligence community knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack within 24 hours. The email concerned the White House's media response to the story and included senior administration officials including Ben Rhodes, John Brennan, and Dennis McDonough. The State Department is withholding the email, citing executive privilege.

According Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell, "this report from Fox News would run counter to what the Obama administration was attempting to put out there as their position. And there was a contrarian news report that didn't align with their position and they were clearly reacting to it in a way that would help reinforce their position."

Herridge added Fox News does not know the content of the emails given the redactions. However, the FNC reporter said some of the redactions are curiously missing legal justifications. The State Department is required to provide legal justifications for the redactions.

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