Graham: Here are Four Things A Good Deal With Iran Would Have (And Obama’s Deal Doesn’t)


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) revealed to the Fox and Friends panel Tuesday morning that amidst ongoing talks with Iran, he will introduce a resolution that defines what exactly a good deal with the Middle Eastern nation is. 

Graham said that the goal of the talks is not to go to war.

A bad deal from an Israel point of view, he explained, would be allowing the Iranians the capability to develop a nuclear weapon.

In order to avoid this bad deal, Graham will propose a resolution that he says is a good, sound deal. It will include the following four tenets: 1) Turn over all enriched uranium to the international community, 2) Get out of the enrichment business, 3) Dismantle the plutonium producing reactor at Arak, and 4) If a commercial nuclear program is desired, let the fuel cycle be controlled by the international community.