Georgetown Grad Celebrates Win with Louisville


Former President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance in the Louisville locker room following the Cardinals' 74-55 win over Villanova Thursday night in the Big East tournament quarterfinals, according to CBS Sports.

It also did not know Clinton was going to stop by after the game. Just as Pitino and a few of his players were getting ready to walk to the postgame press conference, someone on Clinton's security detail asked if he could stop it.

"We all love Bill Clinton," Smith said. "He walked in and it was like, ‘Ahhhhh!!! Bill Clinton!"

"We all approached him — very slowly," Behanan said. "He was telling us about becoming a president, how things were, traveling, and he talked to Gorgui (Dieng) about visiting Senegal, asked what city he (Dieng) was from. I thought I'd never meet a president. AN honor and a blessing."

Clinton notably attended the Big East's Georgetown, which is currently ranked fifth in both the AP and USA Today Coaches poll (Louisville is ranked four). If Georgetown and Louisville win out, they will face each other for the Big East championship.

Clinton did, however, say he's "gonna bet on Georgetown" when asked by ESPN who he think will win the NCAA championship.

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