Florida Imam Plotted to Kill U.S. Service Members Overseas

New documents from FBI terrorism investigation show Imam was involved in travel network


A Florida Imam planned to kill high-ranking U.S. military members overseas, according to new documents obtained from an FBI investigation by WFTV in Florida.

Imam Abu Taubah, or Marcus Dwayne Robertson, was arrested in 2011 on weapons charges, reports WFTV in Orlando:

New court documents show a central Florida Imam is suspected of being involved in a travel network to send people overseas to commit violent jihad or holy war. […]

New documents allege Robertson was training Jonathan Paul Jimenez, who had moved to central Florida from New York, in skills necessary to "participate in violent jihad overseas," skills like martial arts, firearms and knife training. […]

According to documents, during a recorded call, Jimenez told a confidential government source that Robertson told him "it was permissible or obligatory to kill members of the armed forces, specifically generals" and that Robertson showed him what a general's stars look like.