Ed Show Doesn’t Know What Time It Is

MSNBC uses outdated sets, forgets to photoshop scaffolding on Washington Monument


MSNBC's "The Ed Show" is apparently experiencing some disorientation after moving back to the 5 P.M. hour.

The show is using the same nighttime green screens and backdrops from their previous 8 P.M. slot, despite an abundance of daylight outside in Washington, D.C.:

Today in the 5 P.M. slot:

The Ed Show at 5 P.M.

Last February in the 8 P.M. slot:

ed show 3

Additionally, certain details from the screens are inaccurate, such as the lack of scaffolding on the Washington Monument.

Schultz's return to the MSNBC evening lineup has thus far been a ratings flop.

It is unclear if the struggling liberal network has decided against providing Schultz with afternoon appropriate sets.