Defense Cuts Cost Jobs in Mass.

Defense contractor Raytheon's Mass. HQ


The looming sequestration could cost 30,000 defense jobs in Massachusetts, according to the Boston Globe:

"It could be up to 30,000 jobs at risk," said Marty Romitti, director of economic and public policy research at the University of Massachusetts’ UMass Donahue Institute, which prepared the report for the Defense Technology Initiative. …

Defense expenditures generated about 130,000 jobs in the state, with a total payroll of $9.7 billion. Romitti said that the number includes 47,000 people directly employed by defense contractors and another 71,000 jobs at other companies that provide goods and services to the defense firms. …

"The defense sequestration cuts that are set to begin in January present a direct threat to this robust defense industrial base in New England, with the potential to result in thousands of lost jobs, and leaving our country less safe and more reliant on foreign suppliers," Senator Kelly Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican, said in a statement.