CiCi’s Owner Forced to Lay Off Employees Due to Obamacare


A Texas entrepreneur was forced to sell some of his CiCi's Pizza restaurants because the Obamacare employer mandate would have cost him $30,000 out of his payroll, KETK-NBC reports.

Bob Westbrook did the math when the act passed and realized he had to make cuts because of the federal health insurance law. Delayed until 2015, it requires companies with 50 or more workers offer affordable insurance or face fines of up to $3,000 per employee.

"We knew that we had a decision to make," Westbrook said. "That decision came very swiftly and quickly. When we sold two of our CiCi's pizzas here in Tyler and we retained the one in Longview … that got us underneath the 50 employees."

Restaurants across the nation have replaced full-timers with part-time workers to avoid higher costs under Obamacare.