Carney: Not Aware of Any Obligation to Help Prospective Cabinet Nominees

'Beyond what we've been doing'


REPORTER: Two people now—Susan Rice and Chuck Hagel—have come under pretty intense criticism even before they’ve been nominated for any cabinet post. Does the White House have any obligation to provide a support structure in defense of some of these people whose names have been mentioned as potential cabinet nominees in the interim while they’re in this limbo waiting for this formal announcement?

JAY CARNEY: I’m not aware of an obligation to do anything beyond what we’ve been doing, which is, in the case of Ambassador Rice, who has performed with excellence as our United Nations ambassador and is enormously qualified for any foreign policy assignment, any national security assignment that she might be given by this president or any other. And in the case of Sen. Hagel who has served admirably both in uniform and as a Senator, to make clear our views on that. But what we’re not going to do is engage in a process that is a side-door way of talking about decisions on personnel that the president has not made nor announced, but I admire the effort.

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