Booty Bundler Job Claim Debunked


ABC in Atlanta reports that an Atlanta government position that Obama bundler Stacii Jae Johnson claims to have held does not actually exist.

Johnson listed herself as the commissioner of the mayor's Office of Film, Television, Music and Digital Media in a presentation last year; according to ABC Atlanta, that position does not exist.

Johnson also starred and produced in a instructional strip video entitled "I Want to Strip for My Man but I Don’t Know How," which the Washington Free Beacon first reported on in May.

ANCHOR: Good morning. A woman who once produced and starred in a video entitled "I Want to Strip for My Man," now holds a high-level job on the staff of Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed. Richard Bellture found out the woman is also a successful political fundraiser for President Obama.

REPORTER: The Washington Free Beacon first reported on Miss Johnson's video, "I Want to Strip for My Man but I Don’t Know How: Unleashing the Naughty Girl in You." The story calls her a former Hollywood actress with extensive connections in film and television. Among her credits is the 1997 movie "How To Be A Player," and then there is Stacii Jae Johnson's own production.

JOHNSON: Women aren't doing it at home they come out and get it here.

REPORTER: Johnson produced "I Want to Strip for My Man" in 2004; the web story has a link to part of the video, in which Johnson stars as one of three self-described "sexual revolutionaries."

OTHER WOMAN: Anything that you wear can be sexy. It’s the person that's in it.

REPORTER: The mayor says there is no x-rated content in the video and we saw none in the clip we viewed. Stacii Jae Johnson is director of the mayor's Office of Special Events with the salary of $84,000 a year. In this power point presentation last fall, she listed herself as commissioner of the mayor's Office of Film, Television, Music and Digital Media–a position that doesn't exist. According to this website for President Obama's re-election campaign, Stacii Jae Johnson has bundled between $50,000 and $100,000 for the 2012 campaign. She is one of just a dozen Atlantans we spotted on the list of bundlers. Johnson's skills earned her a meeting with the president. She posted this picture in April, adding, "What an amazing day it was. I will never forget it." Channel 2 Action News Sunday a.m.

ANCHOR: Mayor Reed's office says Miss Johnson was vetted by the Hillary Clinton campaign four years ago and Obama campaign this year. The city says employees are allowed to participate in political activities on their own time and Johnson would be allowed to solicit political contributions from individuals or groups doing business with her office. The city declined to provide anyone on camera to discuss that.

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