Boehner Pledges to Work for Veterans’ Healthcare, Employment

John Boehner / AP


Speaker of the House John Boehner (R., Ohio) pledged to help veterans receive care and employment in an open letter on Tuesday.

"We will say ‘thank you’ for being willing to do anything so we can have everything," he said. " We will pledge to do our work so that you can more easily find work and good care. And in the appointed moment of silence, we will pray for the friends you lost and the men and women we hope will return home to join your ranks."

Boehner also thanked the U.S. service members for preserving American liberty and also providing an example of honor and service to the American people.

"Because of you, our children know what it means to serve with honor and give back to one another," Boehner said. "They know where to find the meaning of strong."