Big Eddie Loves The Free Beacon

'Fishwrap' wins Ed Schultz's affection


MSNBC's many-faced Ed Schultz expressed his dismay Friday at a video posted by the Washington Free Beacon of some of his most absurd polling questions to his audience.

Not only did he refer to the esteemed website as a "fishwrap," but he called out the poster for doing a "crappy job of editing" and actually unleashed a montage of his own of some of his favorite loaded queries. The Washington Free Beacon notes that three of them were in our video.

Schultz closed the segment with his typical dramatic flourish.

"If conservative heads explode because we expose them every night, I have only one word," Schultz said. "Good."

The Washington Free Beacon wants to express to Schultz that while we are often highly entertained by his bloviating, none of our heads have exploded to this point. He'll have to step his game up.