Barrett Has No Ideas for Job Creation


Tom Barrett, the Democrat hoping to oust Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the June 5 recall election, couldn’t say how he would bring jobs to Wisconsin, despite using a discredited report to indict Walker on the issue of job creation.

The Weekly Standard reports:

Barrett said that, if elected, he will call a special session of the legislature, but that session will focus on restoring collective bargaining, not creating jobs. "Then again, [job creation] might be an area where we'll work with legislators and others, and clearly if there's good ideas, we'll implement them as soon as we can," Barrett added. But he had no specific job creation ideas of his own to offer.

Asked by a local reporter if he would keep any of Walker's policies in place, Barrett replied: "What I'm going to look at—I'm going to look at the basic right to organize. That's where I'm going to focus my energies—to restore the right to organize and the right to bargain."