Abbas’ Office Denies Reports He Condemned Passover Terror Attack

Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas / AP


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ office scrambled to deny reports that Abbas had condemned a Monday terrorist attack on an Israeli family, the Tower reports.

The attack left a 47-year-old man dead and his wife injured.

Abbas and other figures from his Fatah faction had through the week remained conspicuously silent on the matter, amid celebrations of the murder by other groups, triggering a harsh condemnation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Members of Israel’s Knesset parliament told Israeli journalists that "it didn’t take much convincing" for Abbas to condemn the Passover eve attack.

However, Abbas’ office had a different take on the conversation.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Ruaineh said the PA president opposed violence but did not speak out against the attack.