Union Front Group Protests Republicans At World War II Memorial

Group backed by SEIU switches from advocating pay hike to protesting Republicans


A front group for a large labor federation has shifted from pressuring President Barack Obama to hike pay for federal workers to pressuring Republicans to end the government shutdown.

The group Good Jobs Nation staged a protest at the World War II memorial on the National Mall this week, calling for an end to the shutdown.

According to WhoIs information on the group’s website, it is owned by Change to Win, a labor federation that includes the Service Employees International Union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the United Farm Workers unions.

The website’s registered agent is Jason Lefkowitz, who until 2010 was Change to Win’s online campaigns manager.

The Huffington Post reported that about two-dozen union members turned out to the protest on Tuesday.

The group has organized several small strikes and protests to draw attention to the estimated 2 million workers directly or indirectly employed by the federal government for low wages.

On Wednesday, they protested no wages. […]

Several conservative Republican members of the House of Representatives had arrived at the memorial to help veterans get past a barrier erected by the National Park Service. They blamed the Obama administration for the shuttered memorial even though their faction is the most opposed to a clean spending bill that would reopen the government. The protesters had hoped to see House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), but he didn't show up.

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