Survey: Increasing Majority of Americans Support School Choice


A continually increasing majority of Americans support school choice, according to a new survey from Education Next. These results confirm the findings of an earlier survey this year from the Friedman Foundation.

Education Next found that 60 percent of Americans support scholarship tax credits, a substantial increase from just a few years ago. The Cato Institute reports:

While support for STCs was only 46 percent in 2009, it has grown to 60% this year. Over the same time, opposition has fallen from 27 percent to 24 percent, with a low of 16 percent in 2012. If support among millennials merely remains constant, overall support for educational choice will continue to grow in the coming years, making the adoption and expansion of such programs increasingly likely.

School choice is particularly popular with young people, according to the Friedman Foundation. Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 favor scholarship tax credits by an overwhelming margin of 74 percent-14 percent. Americans 55 and older favor scholarship tax credits by a 55 percent-33 percent margin.